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Perfect Colour Balance - Up to 6 colours printed simultaneously

On one site litho print, silk screening, foiling, embossing/debossing Unit 1

The Highest Quality Print, Finishing and Making Up

On one site litho print, silk screening, foiling, embossing/debossing Unit 2

LNS Print – Print Packaging for mock-ups, proofs, presentations…

At LNS we understand more than anyone how important the quality of your proofing and samples are.

The highest quality print, finishing and making up for design, research and advertising.

LNS is and has been one of Europe’s leading proofing companies for over 15 years providing colour, print and finishing expertise to leading creative agencies and producers across the globe.

All on one site, litho print, silk screening, foiling, embossing/debossing full colour control and making up of samples.

Drawing on our comprehensive in house facilities we litho and silkscreen print, on to countless substrates before being finished. Foiling (which can happen pre or during print), embossing/debossing, die cutting and making up to full preproduction samples.

We are proud to work collaboratively with our clients to meet, if not exceed, theirexpectations.

Working with suppliers we are able to be the first to offer samples with leading edge innovations and developments.

With 6 Dainippon presses we can litho print up to six colours simultaneously to ensure perfect colour balance.

We are the largest proof company in England and the only company in Europe to offer all our facilities on one site. With 6 presses in house (adjoining units) we can ensure fully balanced colours.

We can also isolate the units for complete confidentiality.

We welcome clients on site at any stage from discussing brief to completion of finishing.





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